Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I purchase single VIP tickets? 
VIP tickets are only sold as a table of 10.  
2. Does the VIP ticket price include a play-all bracelet?
No, it does not. Queen Play-All bracelets must be purchased separately. VIP tickets are purchased as a table of 10, usually by a business, and not everyone who attends participates in the various games for which a Play-all bracelet is used. Therefore it is unfair to charge a business a fee for a bracelet that their guest may not use. 
3. How do I save by purchasing a Queen Play-All bracelet?
Queen Play-All bracelets provide you a savings of approximately $64 if you wish to play all games vs. paying for each game separately. It gives you:
- unlimited play in the Toonie Takeaway Game ($34 value)
- automatic entry into the luxury round for an exclusive Givenchy purse valued at $3,000 ($10 value)
- 25 raffle tickets for our premium raffle draw for 6 fabulous prizes ($50 value)
- 2 tickets for SurPrize Palace for your chance to win 25 awesome prizes valued at a minimum of $135 and up to $500 ($40 value)
- Automatic entry into the Heads or Tails game ($10 value)
Total value $144 - $80 (cost of bracelet) = $64 in savings 
4. If I want to purchase a table, do I need the names of all my guests when I go online to make the purchase?
No, you do not. If you don't know who your guests are at the time of the purchase, please leave the fields blank. Do not list yourself as all of your attendees. Enter your name as one of the attendees and leave the other fields empty.  Please note however, that it is very important that you provide the email address and name of all your guests at least a week before the event occurs. Please Email us when you have this information. 
5. If I am attending as a VIP, and receiving a plated meal, can I also access the buffet that regular priced ticket holders get?
Yes, in addition to a plated meal, VIP guests have buffet privileges.
6. If I am attending as a VIP, and receiving a plated meal, can I be served a vegetarian meal?
Yes, a vegetarian meal is available for VIP attendees. You must notify us at least a week in advance of the event. You also have the option of selecting a vegetarian meal at the time of purchase. 
7. Can Queen Play-All bracelets be purchased at the event?  
Yes they can. Please note however that there will be a special prize draw for those who made their bracelet purchase by October 11 at 1 p.m.
8. Will you have swag bags available for purchase?
Yes, in limited quantities. These bags, valued at $200, will be available for $30, on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
9. Will I receive actual tickets?
No.  Your name badge is your ticket into the event.
General Admission attendees will collect their name badge at reception when you arrive. 
Your name badge will have your table number and bid paddle recorded on it.  If you purchased a Play-all Bracelet, it will be with your name badge.
VIP attendees can go directly to the ballroom on arrival. A volunteer ambassador will be standing by to escort you to your table. Your name badge will be at your table, along with your swag bag.  If you purchased a Queen Play-All bracelet, it will be with your name badge.

If you did not find an answer to your question, please email us and we will respond promptly.