Frequently Asked Questions


How much do tickets cost?

The cost of a ticket per person is $125 or $1,000 for a table of 8. 


Why has there been an increase in ticket prices?

The ticket price increase accommodates the 3-Course Family Style sit-down meal, including dessert, tea and coffee service. Similar to the cost of run your own home or business, the overhead cost to organize and run a fun event such as this has also increased for us. To provide the most eventful experience for our participants, we too have needed to increase our ticket price this year.


Will I receive actual tickets?

No. Upon your arrival, you and your guests will review the seating chart, which will be located in various locations in the front lobby. You will find and go to your assigned table. At your seat, each participant will discover their evening program (which has your live auction bid number recorded on the back), table number, and any items you purchased online, such as Play-All Bracelets, etc.


Where is the event being held this year?   

This year, the event is being held at the TownePlace Suites Marriott Conference Centre located at 30 Fen Ridge Court, Brantford, just off Oak Park Road. If you are traveling via Hwy 403, take the Oak Park Rd Exit. A map has been provided on the event home page.


How many tickets are available this year?

The number of available tickets is 375. This is lower than last year. Since it is a sit-down family-style meal this year, we wanted to ensure participants had plenty of room to move around. Therefore, we have reduced the number of participants we could accommodate. This will also provide a positive participant experience.


How do I qualify to be entered into the Early Bird Registration draw?

One lucky early-bird ticket purchaser will win a designer purse. You must purchase your ticket by October 16, 2023 to qualify. No other purchases are necessary. This draw will be conducted live during the event on November 9, 2023. PRIZE VALUE: $479



How much is the PlayAll Bracelet?

The PlayAll Bracelet is $70 and can be purchased online prior to the event or in person on event night. Please note that to play Toonie Takeaway, Luxury Takeaway, Head or Tails or the Raffle, you must buy a PlayAll Bracelet. It gives you access to:


·       Unlimited play in the Toonie Takeaway Game

·       Automatic entry into the Luxury Takeaway for a chance to win a luxury designer handbag

·       6 chances to win 1 or more of 6 Premium Raffle Prizes

·       Automatic entry into the Heads or Tails game for a chance to win a designer handbag

How do I qualify to be entered into the Early Bird PlayAll Bracelet draw?

One lucky early bird PlayAll Bracelet purchaser will win a designer purse. To qualify, you must purchase your PlayAll Bracelet by October 23, 2023. Click here for full details.  Draw will be conducted live during the event on November 9, 2023.



The deadline to purchase your PlayAll Bracelet online is November 1st, however they will be available for purchase at the event.


How do I bid on Silent Auction items this year?

This year we will be returning to our paper-based bidding sheets for the Silent Auction portion of our event. Therefore, participants will only be able to bid on Silent Auction items the night of the event. Returning to a paper-based bidding process will inspire a fun, engaging, competitive evening among friends and colleagues.


How do I bid on Live Auction items?

Bidding on Live Auction items is only available on the evening of the event. Bids are made by raising your hand with your bid number (located on the back of your program). When finalized, details of the live auction items will be provided on the Handbags for Hospice Facebook page. Additionally, information regarding Live Auction items will be printed in the evening program provided at each place setting. Live auction items will also be displayed on the large screen as they come up for bid.


What games will you be playing this year?

·       Toonie Takeaway – 13 Games (2 Rounds per Game) with 13 Designer Handbags to be won

·       Luxury Takeaway – One person will take home a Luxury Designer Handbag

·       Heads or Tails  - One person will take home a Designer Handbag

·       Raffle – 6 Premium Raffle Prizes are available to be won.


**Please note that to play these four games, individuals must purchase a PlayAll Bracelet either online in advance of the event, or on-site the night of the event. This is new. In the past, we have allowed participants to purchase these games individually however, we have eliminated this option based on feedback and low demand for the service at last year's event. It helps us from an administrative perspective by reducing the number of volunteers required and creating efficiencies which shorten the length of the event. 


What additional fun will be at the event?

In addition to our dynamic, engaging emcee, host and auctioneer, Chuck Dukas, we have several other components to the evening that are always a hit. These items are only available for purchase at the event. 


·       Wine Pull - $20

·       What's In Your Purse - $20

·       The Golden Ticket - $100


Click here for more information about some of the event features listed above.


What else is new for 2023?

You asked, we listened! Based on feedback from the survey we conducted after our 2022 event, we have made the following changes:

·       Doors open at 5:30 p.m., with the evening kicking off at 6:15 p.m.

·       No check-in! That's right! No waiting in line! 

·       Event Package (including program and bid number) will be at your place setting when you arrive.

·       All participants will enjoy a delicious family-style meal by La Bottega.

·       The return of paper-based bid sheets. Get ready for some friendly competition.


Can I order tickets even if I don't have all the names of my guests?

Yes, but the earlier we have this information the better. Once we have the email addresses of your guests, we can send them event-related information in advance of the event. If you don't have the names of your attendees when you purchase your tickets, please enter the names and contact details for known attendees and email us the attendee information for others when it is available. Send the attendee information (first name, last name, email address, phone number and meal preference) by October 16, 2023, to Nicole Clarkson at


Why do you need the names of my attendees?

This ensures each of your attendees receives emails containing event information in the weeks leading up to the event and a personalized event package complete with a bid number. We also need attendees' names to ensure they are included in the Early Bird registration draw if applicable.


If I have purchased a ticket and want to sit with a friend who has also purchased a ticket, how do I ensure that we are seated together?

It will be your responsibility to notify us by October 26, 2023, to make this request. You can email Nicole Clarkson at with the details, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Can I cancel my ticket(s) if I am unable to attend?
Cancellations are accepted up to October 16th. After that date, we will allow substitutions only. Please notify us if someone else will be attending in your place. If your substitution is within two days of the event, our seating chart will already be at the printers. Therefore, they must check the seating chart for the name of the original attendee and take a seat at their table. 


Will you have swag bags available for purchase?

All good things eventually come to an end. We thank all our past supporters who contributed to the swag bags, as well as participants who faithfully purchased them.


If I need accessibility accommodations, do you need to know in advance?

Yes, that is preferable. This will allow us to seat you at a table that provides easier access to washrooms and exits.


On the day of the event, what payment methods will you be taking?

St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation will accept cash, cheque, Mastercard, VISA and debit. If you are paying by cheque, all cheques should be payable to St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation.


**If you did not find an answer to your question, please download the information package or email us at, and we will respond promptly.


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