St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre

The campus of St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre consists of four buildings. Three buildings, namely St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre, Stedman House (the former home of Stedman Hospice) and Marquis House are located at 99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway, Brantford, N3S 6T6.

The fourth building on our campus, Stedman Community Hospice (Hankinson House), is located at 445 Grey Street, Brantford (adjacent to 99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway to the northwest).

99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway and 445 Grey Street are connected by six acres of beautiful gardens and pathways for the enjoyment of patients, residents, staff, tenants and their guests. 

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Please note that St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre is a scent-free facility.  Click here for specific allergy information. 


St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre
Tel: 519.751.7096, Ext 3600

Sandra Ramelli, Interim President

Karen Candy, Vice President

Angie Heinz, Long-Term Care Administrator

Dr. Chandra Anokye, Medical Director

Kyla Gallagher, Director of Long-Term Care

Valerie O'Neill, Finance Manager

Sandra Cook, Manager of Human Resources

Katrina Marques, IPAC Campus Manager

Andy Lipiec, Facilities & Environmental Services Manager

Chitra Jacob, Manager of Quality, Innovation and Learning

Zoe Wickson, Assistant Director of Long-Term Care

Candice Lawrence, Manager of Support Services and Food Services

Shelley Murray, Life Enrichment Manager

Nancy Billard, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Stedman Community Hospice
Tel: 519.751.7096, Ext. 2500

Dr. Bernadette McNeil, Medical Director

Kerri VanSickle,  Director

Jodie Homenuk, Clinical Navigator

Stephanie Lang, Clinical Manager

Jenn Hind Urquhart, Spiritual Care and Support Practitioner

Krista Campure, Grief & Bereavement Coordinator

Julie Lebold, Grief and Bereavement Practitioner

Josie Lopes, Clinical Practice and Learning Specialist

Lynn Felker, Community & Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation
Tel: 519.751.7096, Ext. 2475

Julie Powell, President & CEO

Kevin Hird, Manager of Finance & Administration

Nancy Billard, Senior Specialist - Marketing & Communications

Cynthia Wiatowski, Senior Coordinator - Events & Development

Beverly Jenkinson, Donor Relations Administrator