How You Can be Part of Meeting The Need

St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation raises money to fund program and equipment needs of St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre and Stedman Community Hospice. With limited funding available for Long-Term Care and limited government funding for Hospices in Ontario, the Foundation is championing the needs of those in our community who can no longer live independently and those of every age and stage who are suffering with a terminal illness.

As a donor to St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation, your heartfelt investment will enrich the lives of many people.


Principles of Gift Acceptance

As a matter of principle, we engage in the following practices:
  • The Foundation will not accept gifts, enter into partnerships, or accept support that will compromise its commitment to its mission and core values.

  • The Foundation will not accept gifts that are not recognized or preferred by CRA, or violate federal, provincial or municipal laws.
  • The gift must fulfil a pre-approved need of the Lifecare Centre or Hospice as itemized on the annual budget.

  • The Foundation does not accept gifts if the donor’s reputation or business activities may have an adverse effect on the reputation of the Foundation or St. Joseph’s Health System.

  • The Foundation reserves the right to accept or decline any gift. The final decision to decline a gift rests with the Foundation Board of Directors.
Gifts can be designated to:
  • Where the need is most urgent
  • St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre (Long-Term Care)
  • Stedman Community Hospice

There are many opportunities for giving to St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation. A gift can be pledged at one time or over a period of time, such as annually or monthly. We accept cash, cheques, Visa or MasterCard. Cheques must be made payable to St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation, 99 Wayne Gretzky Parkway, Brantford ON N3S 6T6.

Making a specific gift can also be done through your Will, insurance policies, charitable gift annuities, gifts of RRSP value or gifts in-kind. All gifts, if eligible and regardless of their size will receive a registered charitable income tax receipt. Accumulated gifts will be recognized in a variety of ways.

Ways you can support the exciting plans for St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre and Stedman Community Hospice:
  • Make a donation by mail, phone or on-line
  • Join our Monthly Giving Club
  • Make a gift as a Memorial to a loved one
  • Make a Special Occasion Gift in honour of a friend or relative
  • Participate in a fundraising event
  • Volunteer your valuable time and energy to help others
  • Consider making an Estate Gift such as naming St. Joseph's Lifecare Foundation, Stedman Community Hospice or St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre  in your Will or donating an insurance policy, stocks or annuities
  • Invite a speaker from St. Joseph's to come to your club or organization talk
  • Have your company sponsor a fundraising event for the Hospice or Long-term Care
  • Donate your older, high-polluting car to Car Heaven and donate the proceeds. All donations receive a tax receipt

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