St. Josephs Lifecare Centre prides itself in creating seamless transitions in healthcare delivery for our residents, patients and our community. In partnership with St. Joseph’s Hamilton Regional Dialysis Centre, St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre has been providing on-site peritoneal dialysis treatments since 2012. This model of care is supported by The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

This unique program offers the following benefits including residents having the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle as they are being dialyzed during the evening hours. As well, providing on site dialysis which eliminates the need for travel to and from hospital for regular treatments.

In this program the resident receives daily treatment by fully trained registered staff and is monitored by our onsite Physicians at St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre. Equipment and supplies related to the dialysis treatment are a part of the program and are at no extra cost to the resident. This program is further supported by a team of Nurses and Nephrologists from St. Joseph’s Regional Dialysis Centre.