Quality and Resident safety improvements are operationalized through our Quality Team, Accreditation Canada Teams, and our Senior Management Team.


At a strategic level, quality and patient safety improvements are accountable to the SJLC Board of Trustees. Presentations to the Board of Trustees are made and are part of the SJLC Board of Trustees work plan.

At a strategic and operational level, improvement teams such as our Quality Committee are accountable to the Senior Leadership Team through the Director of Quality. This committee sets, monitors and investigates quality and resident safety priorities. The Senior Leadership Team also engages in Resident Safety Walkabouts. Both the SJLC Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team monitor and respond to critical incidents as they occur.

Clinical Outcome and Performance Monitoring

Key quality and resident safety indicators are monitored by Senior Management and the Quality committee on an ongoing basis. For example never events, critical incidents and outbreaks are tracked as they are identified.

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